South Side Grocery Bargains – Week of September 7-13, 2011

Before I get to this week’s South Side shopping bargains, I wanted to recommend an interesting article about new increases in grain and corn prices that are going to directly impact your grocery budget.

The article, which can be found here, states that droughts in Russia and the U.S. redirecting more corn to ethanol production use will result in higher prices for bread, cereal, pasta, sweets, and almost all meats (most animal feed is corn-based) in the coming months.

Among the author’s recommendations is that people start baking their own bread again. I wrote a blog on that very subject, which includes an easy and delicious bread recipe that you can make for less than $1.00/loaf.

Okay, let’s start saving some money!

Dominick’s has Safeway Select EVOO for $5/liter (with Fresh Values card). I’ve used this product before. It tastes good and that’s a great price.

If you have the pantry space, you can bulk up on pastas at GFS Marketplace. Their Primo Gusto house brand of dry pastas are on sale for $2.99 for a 2-1/2 lb bag (or $1.19/lb). Speaking of dry pastas, I’ve noticed some stores recently started replacing 1 lb boxes  with 7 oz packages, making it look like you are paying less, but you are actually getting less for your money. Caveat emptor!

Aldi’s has peaches and plums for $.39/lb. It doesn’t specifically say they are Michigan grown, but I would bet they probably are.

Over at Freshline Foods, Dannon Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt in the 6 oz container is only $.50/each. Grade A Medium eggs are $.79/dozen. Those are smaller than what I normally buy (Grade A Large), but that’s still a great price.

Ultra Foods has Campbell’s soups (chicken noodle or tomato only) for $.59/can. That’s cheaper than the generic brand at most other places. They also have 20 oz. Vitamin Water for $.59/each, but you have to buy 14.

Over at Food 4 Less (when did we start letting Prince name the grocery stores, btw?), fresh pork shoulder picnic roast is on sale for $1.38/lb if you buy the family pack. Could be time to fire up the smoker.

Cermak Produce has California avocados for $.69/each. They have been expensive lately, so this is refreshing news. They also have center cut pork chops for $1.99/lb. I’ve gotten these here before and have been impressed with the quality. Seasoned pork chops are only $1.89/lb. but usually they are seasoned because they are not as fresh.

Pete’s Produce has 14.5 oz cans of whole, diced or stewed tomatoes for only $.38/each, which is a good price for stocking up. California broccoli is available for $.68/lb.

I found this week’s Bargain of the Week at Tony’s Finer Foods, 8630 S. Harlem Ave., in Bridgeview, where whole chickens are only $.69/lb. They also have red or green seedless grapes for $.69/lb, as well as 8 oz. cans of tomato sauce for $.20/each.

I love Tony’s because they have a terrific produce section, and their deli and ethnic foods (mostly Italian) are amazing. But it’s just such a cluster getting in an out of the store because the check out lines feed right into the entrance, then you have to maneuver through the super-crowded deli to get to the produce area. But with deals like this, it’s worth the frustration.

What bargains have you found this week? Share your thoughts in the the comments section. See you at the grocery store!


4 thoughts on “South Side Grocery Bargains – Week of September 7-13, 2011

  1. One time we were driving past Tony’s Finer Foods (on the way to Chuck’s Fest at Toyota Park) and Megan said ‘What’s Tony’s Finger Foods’? LMAO!

  2. Margo has been going crazy with picking huckleberries in the local mountains (Klamath County in Southern Oregon). It has been a very good year for them. She has five or six gallon bags in the freezer already – and that’s not counting what she’s used already.

    Maybe you can write an article on locally harvested wild foods (maybe not a lot of those in Chicago). We have huckleberries, blackberries, wild plums, and also matsutake and morel mushrooms fairly abundant around here.

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