South Side Grocery Bargains — Week of Oct. 5-11, 2011

Before we look at this week’s local grocery bargains, let’s look at something that is no bargain — fast food.

Although many national fast food chains promote “value meals” or $1 menu items, the reality is that once you add on sodas, fries and other extras, you end up spending way too much on food that is way too bad for you.

Last month, the Slow Food USA organization — a proponent of healthy, sustainable food for everybody — issued its “$5 Challenge,” a call for consumers to “take back the value meal” and put together healthy and delicious meals for $5/person, which they say is what the average person spends on a single fast food meal. You can read about it here.

While I applaud the group’s efforts to shed light on how much money we waste on fast food, I think the $5/person target is way too high. If I had $20 to spend preparing dinner for four people, to me that would be a fortune!

Okay, enough ranting. Let’s start saving some money!

First, in produce, Tony’s Finer Foods has green or red bell peppers for only $.98/lb; Fresh Pick Market has bananas for only $.19/lb, iceberg lettuce for $.50/head and tomatoes for only $.39/lb. That’s practically the whole salad!

Pete’s Fresh Market has avocados for $.49/each, corn on the cob for $.19/ear, and grapefruits for $.68/lb. At Cermak Produce, limes are only a nickel each. When was the last time you saw that?

At Aldi’s, caramel apples are $.33/ea if you buy them in the 3-pack.

In the meat aisle, prices are definitely inching upward, as I predicted a couple of weeks ago. But you can still find whole chickens for $.88/lb at Pete’s. At Fresh Pick Market — 87th and Ridgeland in Oak Lawn — chicken leg quarters are $.59/lb, boneless skinless chicken breasts are $1.19/lb in the family pack, and pork butt roast — perfect for braising for tacos or tamales — is $.99/lb.

At Ultra Foods, pork spare ribs are only $1.68/lb, and Bar-S Jumbo Franks are $.58 for a 1 lb package. That’s a good price!

Tony’s has Ole Carolina bacon for $1.99/lb. Dominick’s has pork loin rib half slice for $1.49/lb if you use your Fresh Values card, which I always do.

In grocery, Food 4 Less has 24 packs of Pepsi products on sale for $5.98/ea. At Tony’s, assorted Racconto pastas are $.69/lb, definitely a stock up price. Pair that up with $.99 for a 24 oz jar of Rinaldi pasta sauce at Freshline Foods and you’ve got the $5 Challenge beat by a mile!

If you look in my spice cabinet, you’ll see I love buying dried spices in the 16 oz containers. Its what I used in restaurants and I like having plenty available when I cook — I hate to run out! That’s why I was pleased to see GFS Marketplace has assorted spices in the large containers for $4.99/ea.

Cermak has 5 lb sacks of all purpose flor for $1.50 and Pete’s has Violi EVOO for $3.33/liter, the best prices for these items I’ve seen in awhile.

Good deli deals are hard to come by this week. Ultra Foods has Hormel boiled ham for $.99/lb. Cermak has Polish ham for $2.99/lb. That’s about it.

In dairy, Fresh Pick has medium eggs for $.99/dozen, and F4L has Kroger yogurt for $.48/ea.

In the frozen aisle, Ultra still has the Palermo’s frozen pizzas for $2/each.

For this week’s Bargain of the Week, we return to Tony’s, where they are celebrating Columbus Day with my favorite, Italian cannoli, for $.50/each.

What bargains have you found out there? Share them with the community in the comments section below. See you at the grocery store!


2 thoughts on “South Side Grocery Bargains — Week of Oct. 5-11, 2011

  1. Man! It reads like food is über-cheap up in the Windy City! Were that it so in the Rocket City! I don’t think I could come anywhere near the prices you mention for anything! For example, I recently picked up boneless chicken breasts with rib meat at for $1.97/lb, whole moo juice $2.99, 1dozen jumbo eggs $2.38, 1 pound White Lily flour $1.44, 1 pound Italian white bread loaf $1.60 – all at Wally-World. The bread has risen – no pun intended – from $1.50, the milk is up from $2.00, and the chicken up from $1.88/lb. And this is within two or three weeks.

    • Most of the foods you mentioned are about the same price here in general (maybe a little less), but I’ve been searching for the rock bottom priced items to help people cut down on their food budget. I might have to drive around a little to take advantage of all these sales, but the savings are worth it. Hope all is well! Thanks for reading my blog!

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