South Side Grocery Bargains – Week of Nov. 2-8, 2011

I found two troubling trends in the grocery stores this week.

The first I’ve mentioned before: Many manufacturers are keeping their prices the same, but reducing their package size. For example, soda pop is sold in 20-packs now instead of cases of 24 cans in an effort to fool the consumer into thinking prices are stable.

In the same vein, many grocery stores now advertise their deli meats and cheese by the half pound price, rather than by the pound. For example, Jewel this week advertised Sara Lee turkey breast for $3.49 per half pound. Folks, that’s nearly $7/lb for turkey! Jewel is not the only offender, but to me that’s just shameful.

The second thing bothering me is that most meat departments now offer pork neck bones as a featured sale item — Pete’s Fresh Market has them for $.98/lb, for example. There was a time, not very long ago, when neck bones were talked about as something people ate back in the old country or during the Depression. Now, almost everybody is advertising them.

Sign of the times, I suppose.

Okay, enough with the worrying! Let’s start saving some money!

In the produce section, Cermak Produce Market has broccoli for $.69/lb, and jumbo white onions for $.49/lb. Over at Pete’s Produce, Fuji apples are $.68/lb, celery is $.68/ea, and red peppers are $.33/ea. Food 4 Less has collard, mustard or turnip greens for $.58. You can use them to make these delicious soul food favorites!

Tony’s Finer Foods, at 8630 S. Harlem Ave, in Bridgeview, has Napa cabbage for $.29/lb, and fresh strawberries for $.88/lb. Now that’s an unexpected surprise in November! Both Tony’s and Fresh Pick Market, at 8749 S. Ridgeland Ave., in Oak Lawn, have zucchini for $.49/lb. Tony’s also has yellow squash at the same price. We’ve burned through all our garden squash, have you?

Fresh Pick also has cabbage for $.19/lb, and Russet potatoes for $.18/lb, perfect for making these loaded twice-baked potatoes. They also have grapefruit for $.40/lb, and Ultra Foods has bananas for $.38/lb.

In the meat department, Aldi’s has Tyson fresh split chicken breasts for $.89/lb, Fresh Pick Market has whole chickens for $.79/lb, and Pete’s has chicken thighs for $.68/lb.

Pork prices continue to be lower. Freshline Foods, at 5355 W. 95th St., in Oak Lawn,  has pork loin country style ribs for $1.99/lb, and Tony’s has sirloin pork roast for the same price.

In the grocery aisle, Pete’s has Progresso soups for $.89/can, a good price for a brand name. Aldi’s has generic cream of chicken or mushroom soup for $.69/can. Ultra has 16.3 oz jars of Peter Pan peanut butter for $1.39/ea, and select Libby’s vegetables for $.38/can, a very good deal.

32 oz bottles of Powerade are on sale at Pete’s for $.66/ea, and Tony’s has 12-packs of Coke products for $3.33/ea.

Baking season is upon us! Both Freshline and Pete’s have 5 lb sacks of all-purpose flour for $1.49. Also at Freshline, 4 lb bags of sugar are only $1.99. And at Dollar General, I found cans of cranberry sauce, pumpkin and evaporated milk for just $1.

In the dairy section, Tony’s has butter for $1.99/lb. Maybe not quite a stock up price, but getting closer. Aldi’s has cream cheese or neufchatel for $.89/ea. Fresh Pick Market has gallons of milk for $2.25, still high but the best price I could find.

In the deli, Cermak has American cheese for $2.49/lb, not a great price but better than anywhere else I could find.

In the bakery, Tony’s has 1 lb loaves of Polish rye bread for $.49/ea. They have to be losing money on it at that price.

In the frozen foods aisle, Freshline has Birds Eye vegetables for $.79/ea.

And this week’s Bargain of the Week is a tie: $.49 will buy you an avocado at Cermak Produce, or a pomegranate at Aldi’s.

Remember, if you find a fantastic deal while grocery shopping, share it in the comments section below. We all need to take care of each other during these rough economic times!

3 thoughts on “South Side Grocery Bargains – Week of Nov. 2-8, 2011

  1. You mentioned strawberries at a good price. I wonder if they are coming from Mexico yet. Do they have any flavor? We reach a point during the growing season when some of the U.S. produce is going out of season, and it tastes terrible. Grapes, for example. The last time I bought some a few weeks ago, they were entirely without flavor. We can usually get tasty grapes again in January or Feb., because they are coming from S. America at that time of year. It is hard to tell when strawberries are a bargain and when they are just a waste of money at any price, because they do not taste so good.

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