Holiday Appetizers – Easy Parmesan Squares

One of the things I like about my family’s Christmas get-togethers is that we always have the same appetizers year after year.

Some may think that shows a lack of originality or a fear of the unknown, but the reality is we know what we love after many years of trial and error. The appetizers are generally very unhealthy and the holiday season is the only time we indulge in them, so they are something we all look forward to every year.

That’s one of the best things about the holidays: All the worry about diet and exercise go out the window, if only for a few days. The holidays have their origin in ancient feast days, in which people would load up on food and drink in celebration of the winter solstice and in preparation for the long winter days and nights ahead. It was both a celebration of community and a farewell to those who wouldn’t make it through the harsh winter.

The indulgent nature of the feast remains intact even today. After all, you can always make a New Year’s resolution to drop the pounds gained during the holiday season!

One of my favorites are these Easy Parmesan Squares. Given the velocity at which they disappear after they are set out, these probably are the most popular of all holiday appetizers. At my family’s party, if you want some of these, you better be quick!

Before Going Under the Broiler

Before Going Under the Broiler

Easy Parmesan Squares

1 cup mayonnaise

1 cup parmesan cheese

1 TBS dried onions

1 TBS Worchestershire sauce

1 loaf mini party rye bread

1. Combine mayonnaise, parmesan, dried onions and Worchestershire sauce in a mixing bowl. Set in refrigerator for about an hour to thicken.

The Original "Secret" Recipe

The Original "Secret" Recipe

2. Turn on broiler. Using a butter knife or spatula, rub about a TBS of the mixture on each mini rye square and arrange in rows on sheet pans. Broil until brown and bubbly, about 2 minutes, watching carefully so they don’t burn.

3. Serve immediately while still hot.

What sort of holiday appetizers does your family enjoy year after year? Share your story in the comments section below. And thanks for looking at my blog!

6 thoughts on “Holiday Appetizers – Easy Parmesan Squares

  1. Easy and delicious. Yes! YES!
    Always wanted to make parmesan snack stuff. Bought a 1 gallon container of shredded. Never got around to it…
    Hoping to make your bread recipe from the other day this weekend…

  2. These look fabulous! The family is coming over this weekend for dinner, and though it’s not a tradition yet, I am hoping the fondue I make as an appetizer becomes a yearly event 🙂

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