Meat Free Mondays – Garden Pizza

As you may know, pizza is my favorite food.

If I could eat it for dinner every night, I would. In fact, before I met my wife, I did.

Because I love it so, I’ve written about pizza a lot, including my standard pizza recipe, this awesome Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and recently Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza.

With our garden in full swing this weekend, I decided to make a vegetarian pizza using ingredients we grew ourselves, such as these awesome green peppers …

… Yellow squash …

… And tasty jalapenos.

I even made a very simple pizza sauce out of some of our Roma tomatoes …

… And Greek oregano from our accidental herb garden, some garlic cloves, a little Balsamic vinegar, some sugar, salt and pepper.

Homegrown vegetables are the most delicious, so this pizza was amazing. Even our doggies enjoyed some.

Isabel “The Enforcer”

Bud, Bad Dog or “Misunderstood”, Depending Who You Ask

It’s that wonderful time of the summer when the harvest is so abundant there’s no way to possibly eat everything ourselves, so we desperately push our vegetables on relatives, friends and co-workers.

Still waiting for our watermelon to mature, however.

Best. Pizza. Ever.

Life is rich.


6 thoughts on “Meat Free Mondays – Garden Pizza

  1. I don’t know what I like more, pictures of your garden, pictures of your pets or the before and after pizza shots. Anyway you look at, summer is a great time of the year!

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