Here are some great tips for speeding up your grocery store experience from the terrific blogger, “The 20-Something Budget”!

The 20-Something Budget

“Time is Money.”

Source: Wikipedia

It’s such a simple saying that we’ve all heard at some point in our lives. Yet how often do we actually think about the time we waste doing silly things like sleeping in, sitting on the toilet, waiting at traffic lights, doing chores, surfing the internet, etc.? Over the years, that time really adds up.

It is estimated that we spend approximately FIVE YEARS of our lives waiting in line – whether it’s at the bank, the DMV, the post office, the grocery store, or hundreds of other places. Some long waits are inevitable, and we just have to be patient. However, others can be greatly reduced.

Here are eight simple ways to reduce your wait time at the grocery store:

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